Orthodontic Preventive Care

The field of orthodontics spans beyond corrective treatments. It also includes preventive care, which is used to prevent the development of a bad bite or crooked and overcrowded teeth. In fact, some children who undergo preventive treatments can avoid the need for far more invasive treatments later in life. By the time preventive orthodontic treatments are complete, children have an adequate amount of jaw space for permanent teeth to erupt.

Did you know?

It is important that your child undergoes an orthodontic screening no later than age 7. Preventive care is only effective when used early – usually while the majority of primary teeth are still intact. Some of the most common preventive orthodontic treatments in include:

  • Space maintainers – to hold the space of a primary tooth that has fallen out prematurely
  • Expanders- used to correct bad bites and/or to gain room for permanent teeth to erupt.
  • Tooth extractions – used to remove primary teeth that have not fallen out on their own

Is Invisalign an option for my children?

Yes! Invisalign First is a great option for children between the ages of
7 and 11. Invisalign First helps to improve alignment and to gain room
for permanent teeth to erupt.