Treatment Options

Braces are a widely chosen orthodontic solution for children and adults alike, addressing issues from misalignment to bite problems. Recent dental advancements have transformed braces into comfortable, sleek options for achieving your dream smile.

Traditional Braces

Classic metal brackets on the front teeth, adjusted with wires and ligatures, gradually shifting teeth into proper alignment. Optimal for various orthodontic needs.

Ceramic Braces

Similar to metal braces, ceramic brackets blend in due to their porcelain construction. Gentle yet effective, they provide discretion without compromising results.

3D Printed Braces

Custom-made for precise fit and comfort, these braces offer efficiency and precision for remarkable results. LightForce braces are our chosen solution for 3D printed braces. 

Clear Aligners

Most commonly known as Invisalign®, is a system of customized plastic trays that are worn day and night. Highly popular among adults who want to straighten their smiles discreetly.

Your path to the perfect smile begins with ShoreSmiles Orthodontics. Consult with Dr Veronica Toro to determine the best treatment for your individual needs.